Fräulein /English: ˈfraw-line’
a. an unmarried German woman: title equivalent to Miss
b. the coolest rock and roll band this century

“Turn on the lava lamp, put on your favorite pair of headphones, and transport your mind towards the rock and roll arena. Fräulein is playing tonight. Don’t forget your air guitar…”

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Fräulein liveSteven Blush / Author (American Hardcore|American Hair Metal) – “Fräulein, Nick Vivid’s latest, greatest sonic achievement, offers highbrow/lowbrow bohemian rhapsody for the 21st Century. He will rock you!”

Richard Bienstock / Editor (Guitar World) – “Fräulein’s music is as exotic-sounding as the band’s name, with Vivid infusing his unique song structures with all manner of hooky choruses, aggressive riffs, beautifully stacked guitar and vocal harmonies, unexpected melodic twists and turns, and evocative, at times highly impressionistic lyrics. It’s an unorthodox musical approach that arrives at something akin to “stoner pop”—an enveloping sound that is both crushingly heavy and mind-bendingly beautiful.”

With influences as diverse as Queen, Wire, KISS, and the Deftones, Brooklyn, NY’s Fräulein might seem like a bit of an enigma in a city where indie rock and electronic dance music carries the brightest torch. “There’s a lot of pressure out here to fit in with other things happening in the NYC and Brooklyn scenes in order to get press and acceptance, ” says Nick Vivid, the principal figure behind the band. “But I’ve never fit in anyway my entire life, so with Fräulein, it’s all about making music that has no agenda other than to be true to itself.”


Fräulein II was recorded between November 2013 and April 2014, with assistance from bassist/co-engineer Jimmy Corriveau, and picks up where its predecessor left off. Its 10 tracks are chock full of ethereal lyrical subject matter, loud stadium-rock guitars, and plenty of hooks. “I like songs best that people can dig into and find their own meaning in, so I tend to appreciate lyrics when they’re not so obvious,” says Vivid.